The MyPillow Guy and Conspiracy Theories

Last week, a man who nearly lost his life to a debilitating crack cocaine addiction and recovered to start a multi million dollar pillow business hosted a “Cyber Symposium” in South Dakota to give evidence of how Donald Trump actual won the election. 

That’s a ton to digest.  Let’s back up for a moment.

Mike Lindell, formerly a crack addict and now a pillow merchant, is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, and believes a combination of dead people, China, and other nefarious people stole the election from Donald Trump.  

I think what is appealing about Mike is that he feels like someone you probably know.  He’s from Minnesota,  and has a charm of “oh man this guy is disconnected from reality but I be he tips really well” vibe to him. 

Not only was the event generally poorly received, it also took a twist when Mike claims 3 “Antifia” members attacked him in his hotel, even potentially using an exotic fruit as a distraction and weapon.

So with that being said, here are my takeaways from Uncle Mike Lindell’s Crack Symposium.

1. It was very sweaty.  It looked so hot in that weird hotel ballroom they were in.  Mike was pouring sweat everytime he old man screamed at the television screen.  Are we sure he wasn’t high?

2. This looked like a group that tried to get you to go to the DARE pizza party and lunch and learn in High School. Show me a bigger group of narcs.  I DARE (see what I did there) you.

3. Did anyone drug test Mike? Listen, I’ve made a few jokes about his history.  But I’m genuinely super impressed that he was able to recover from his previous crack benders and turn his life around.  But the way he was screaming at the TV and making up crazy claims means he was either back on the sauce or Fox News has actually rotted his brain.

4. I wonder what the Yelp reviews are for this hotel now “Antifia attacked me in the hallway with a tangerine” probably doesn’t go over well. “Lovely rooms, but wish Mike Lindell had actually overturned the election.  Next year will be a blast!”

5. Could this all be an elaborate way to bring back “Punk’d” on Quibi? Does anyone think that it is possible that the entire thing was just an elaborate Ashton Kutcher ruse?

Things to Think About