Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa

I’ve loved baseball as long as I can remember. One of my bucket list items someday is to have season tickets to any baseball team. Ideally a small town in the Midwest. But I digress…

Major League Baseball has had an issue attracting younger fans for quite some time. Baseball is at its best when you’re there in person, and getting to experience it. The social media era which has been incredible for the NBA and NFL just hasn’t translated as much for baseball.

Yet when baseball does things well, they do it REALLY well. Field of Dreams, arguably the best sports movie of all time, is set in Iowa. And this week Major League Baseball is playing in Iowa, in a cornfield 30 years after the movie came out. And it is pretty remarkable.

My favorite line from this movie has always been so simple.

“Is this Heaven?”

“No, it’s Iowa”

Things to Think About

This bit by Seth Meyers perfectly re-enacting how a Seinfeld episode would feel today was pretty great. Unfortunately a “line-crosser” was in reference to that giant perv Andrew Cuomo.

After seeing how this crazy guy needed to be duct taped on a flight recently (also what is up with people losing their minds more often on planes now) This reaction summed it up perfectly.