He isn’t hiding from anyone, he’s the size of a Buick

I’m not really a huge NFL fan. Just not my thing. But I think in the slower time for most American sports, the networks are looking for anything to put on TV. And their desperation has now turned into one of my favorite pastimes.

Each year, David Baker (seen below) attempts to surprise former NFL players on live TV as he tells them they are going to be inducted into the hall of fame. This should be a really special time for the players and their families, but I can’t look away.

You see, David Baker is a giant.

If I had to eyeball it, I’d guess he’s 7 feet, 4 inches and about 480 pounds. Easily bigger than most Hyundai’s or Toyota Prius’ on the road today. He’s the size of a Buick.

Seriously, he’s gigantic.

At this point, watching David Baker show up to surprise former NFL players has more excitement for me than the Super Bowl. Can you imagine this guy in an escape room? UNDEFEATED. Laser Tag? GAME OVER. Want to get him on a slip and slide? SIGN ME UP. Put David Baker into this season of The Challenge? YES PLEASE!!

Does he kind of look like a helium inflated Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue? Absolutely he does.

I just want to see him do everyday things. What is his Chipotle order? What does a Subway Sandwich look like in his giant man hands? How many chicken nuggets could he eat if his life depended on it? I think the NFL is really missing out on giving us more David Baker.

What would you like to see David Baker do? Let me know @andyjoeshow on twitter.

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