For the love of Spider-Man

If you have been paying attention to the internet at all this week you perhaps saw that the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer leaked.

Well first it leaked as a cell phone footage of a cell phone with kids giggling. It was very “Inception” meets Amtrak ride meets an undercover war torn country.

But then the final trailer was released. Here it is.

Spidey holds a special place in my heart. Growing up and reading comics, was literally NEVER cool. I can’t think of one time where someone was like “oh man that’s so cool you read about superheroes. I bet you have so many friends”

But now superheroes are everywhere. And Spider-Man was always my favorite. When the original Spider-Man movie was released in 2002, my Mom let me skip school to go and see it. My friend Matt and I bought 3 Tickets to see it 3 times in a row. Could we have snuck in? Sure. But with great power comes great responsibility. Also I’m too pretty for jail. I’d be traded for a honeybun and 3 cigs pretty quickly.

With this trailer, the lore of Spider-Man will grow even more. As someone who loves the original trilogy, I’m so excited to see all of these callbacks to the franchise. I just hope that the story genuinely calls for it, and they aren’t done just as strictly fan service. I guess if COVID doesn’t confine us to our sweat pants only lifestyles we’ll be finding out more in December.

And yes, I’ll probably be wearing sweat pants in public.